Prenzlauer Berg

Latest update: June 30, 2018


M10 Tram

When being tired of walking, a great way to continue discovering the town is to get a rest on a seat in the M10 tram. By getting on the tram at Warschauer Strasse, you will pass through the middle of both Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg, both districts formerly belonging to the DDR’s East Berlin. Whenever rested, one gets off the tram being attracted by something to see. That is actually how I once discovered the Berlin wall memorial in Mitte. The tram continues on a bit past Berlin Hauptbahnhof


What was once a brewery of beer, is now a brewery of culture. Theatre, Music school, museum and more. Enjoy! And in its restaurants, you may also still enjoy a beer…
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Kaffeerösterei Pakolat

Interior from Kaffeerösterei Pakolat

My memories from Pakolat is having a coffee, feeling tired of a day’s many impressions, yet content of being just there in the midst of people talking German while I sat writing a text. The couple next to me devoured the Pakolat vegetarian brunch. Due to the memory of seeing their plates, it’s in my mind getting back to try it myself…


Kaffeerösterei Pakolat

Pakolat also have a shop, selling coffee beans and chocolate.


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