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Brandenburger Tor

Is there a more classical picture of Berlin than the Brandenburger Tor?
In the house to the right, there is a silent room where one can sit down for a moment, having a time for reflection.


Put your hand down in a drawer filled with chicory beans, walk through a DDR-era apartment or sit down in the cute little Trabant for a (filmed) trip and get carried away through another time in this interactive nostalgia.

However not all items are that peaceful but rather call upon your reflection of how life could be during the DDR regime.
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Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer

Pay a visit to the visitor center, as well as the documentation center, walk along the wall, stay a while in the reconciliation chapel and consider the victims of the wall. Watch the huge pictures on some of the buildings at the memorial ground. If you want to get an idea of how it was to live in the once divided city, several stories may give you a hint. Read for instance about Jürgen Litfin who installed a memorial site for his brother Günter, the first victime to be shot dead while trying to escape or read about the young couple moving into an apartment next to the death strip of the wall.
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Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand

What if I had lived in that time, would I have been one in the silent crowd or would I be one of those standing up, risking my life? And if it would happen again, who will I be?
When reading about World War II in school, I had hard to understand how the holocaust could happen. Through life, I have sometimes experienced fear and how I too, have been silent in situations far from as dangerous as many people did stand up to during WWII. Thus, my questions from school are still accurate. If courage will be needed, who will I be?

A good place to consider these questions is the German Resistance Memorial Center while walking among e.g. photos of persons standing up to the Nazi regime, combined with their quotes and printings from underground papers and leaflets.
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Rausch Schokoladenhaus


I guess these travel writings reveal my preference for chocolate and when entering this chocolatier, it was like entering a chocolate heaven. Shop on ground floor and enjoy a chocolate drink on the first floor.
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Bandy Brooksbandy_brooks

The chocolates from Bandy Brooks, some with Berlin motives, are very delicious and they are so… more, being about twice the size than regular chocolates. I always buy a few to comfort myself when leaving Berlin. Swallowing down e.g. Alexanderplatz, it gets so very concrete that my time in Berlin, this time, has come to an exquisite end.
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Here is a shop with paintings, tablecloths, bags, costers and more by the artist and designer Katja Wiedemann. The floral patterns on the things I have bought for my home make me happy!
If I remember correctly, it is Katja Wiedermann who has created the design on the bag. However, the bag is made by a company in Hamburg, Rannenberg & Friends, which I will surely visit if going to Hamburg.
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