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East Side Gallery

What was once a symbol of division and of terror has now become a piece of art. It’s like in the quote: ”better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”, where creating a gallery of art correspond to the candle.

Oberbaum bridge with the beginning of the East Side Gallery

Looking at Google Maps one night before a trip to Berlin, I happened to spot the Oberbaum bridge and just had to go there to see it as I fell in love with the architecture of it.
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This restaurant served me a delicious buffet in 2015 in an atmosphere of eastern years ago. There are three Datscha restaurants in Berlin.
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Flea market at Boxhagener Platz

Things are just things. Yet, there is something special with flea markets… Seeing the different objects, I start to wonder of the lives of these dead things. Who was its previous owner(s), what was the life like in the home where they once stood. Was there a family? A house full of children’s laughter’s? Or was there silence? A heavy one or a silence filled with peace?

If you like Flea markets, this one is open on Sundays. Stroll through the market and let the things tell you stories, knowing that what they tell, is also a reflection of your own mind…
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