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Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche and the tower of the new church.

The memorial that touched me the most when I came to Berlin for the first time, was this church, or more accurately, what is left of it after World War II. Between the beautiful mosaic runs a red seam, just like to remind us of the bruises that comes with a war, also in a building.

The beauty of the remaining of this church brought tears to my eyes. It was something about this hero of a building, having lost most of what it once was, and still being there, showing its magnificence. This broken beauty taught me about vulnerability in combination with courage, to be able to see the beauty through the imperfection we all share and to have love for oneself and for others.


Bahnhof Wittenbergplatz

Travelling to another town, e.g. Berlin, sometimes gives you the possibility also to travel back in time. It is like taking part of another life, another era where I never belonged. Or did I? Reincarnation is not my faith. But who knows? Wittenbergplatz metro station is one of those places, letting me take part in what I have no experience of.

Käthe Kollwitz museum

The several hours spent at neighbouring Litteraturhaus finally made me curious about this museum. Besides Käthe Kollwitz works of art, there were also black and white photos reminding of times long past. More about the museum here:

Leaving Ku’damm?

Bus 100 and 200 pass several interesting places, e.g. Brandenburger Tor. Bus 200 also passes by Potsdamer platz with its (in my point of view) awesome architecture.


Café Wintergarten am Litteraturhaus

Interior of Café im Literaturhaus – Wintergarten

It was a chilly September afternoon 2014 when I entered my absolute favorite place for the first time and remained there for a couple of hours. I so much enjoyed sitting there on my own in the middle of the quiet conversations of the people around me while my eyes wandered along the Jugend architecture and further out in the autumn darkness.

I guess I never really left this place…

Back home again, places I’ve been to or just passed by kept flashing through my memory, just like as the town of Berlin was calling me back. Longing to be sitting again at the Litteraturhaus café, I chose for my visit six months later, the neighboring Hotel Augusta which I got very fond of. A part from being so close to my favorite café, I appreciated this cosy hotel with its nice and helpful staff and where the warm voice of the blackbird in the backyard woke me up in the morning with its song.

Wintergarten 2

There is another café with the name Wintergarten which is situated on the top floor in the department store Kadewe where you may choose from a rich buffet of food and cakes. With some luck there will be a free table beside one of the windows with a view over the rooftops of Berlin. One floor downstairs one can easily get stuck botanizing among spices, coffees, chocolate and food. Here and there you also find restaurants with the emphasis on different countries cuisines.

Einstein Café

This place sure is an Einstein on irresistible cakes and good coffee and is found on different locations in Berlin.


Sitting on a café, it sometimes happens you get into a conversation with someone that a moment ago was a stranger and when saying goodbye, you leave the café with an e-mail address and the feeling of being enriched by the recent conversation. I believe life can be full of these moments, where a nuance of curiosity and openness shown in your facial expression (or that of the other person) can lead to new acquaintances and friendships.


served me an appetizing fresh salad with fillet of beef, mango with an orange and ginger dressing which was in deed very delicious.

When mentioning the possibility of new acquaintances earlier, it was due to the fact that I left Einstein café on a chilly afternoon in late march 2015 with the e-mail address to an artist called Maria. When I returned to Berlin two years later, she suggested The Osteria (Italian cuisine) where we had lunch (followed by a coffee at Monkey bar with its great view).

Monkey Bar

From this bar it is not only the surrounding town to admire. This bar also have a toilet with a view, overlooking Zoologicher garten.

Toilet with a view


Imagine a warm evening in May, being with two good friends and seated in a garden by an open square. Add to this, a fresh ice tea for aperitif, followed by delicious vegetarian food, e.g. the Aubergine stew that was just heavenly! This restaurant is one more place to return to by next visit in Berlin…


Käthe Wohlfahrt

Oh Come all ye children longing for Christmas…, small as well as grown ups! In this shop, it is Christmas all year around. Even if you think that the yearly celebration is well enough, this shop actually is well worth visiting, being a hilarious place to see!

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