When living in the catholic community of l’Arche in France, 1990-91, the responsible of the house I was living in, one day came to me with a postcard from my father.

-Karin Blom qist, Blom quist  blom-blom, he read and gave me the card and by that also a pet name I took liking to. That someone calls me blom-blom happens rarely or never. However it is what I have chosen to use as e-mail address. If you want to get in touch with me, you may use this e-mail: blom_blom@msn.com

I have always liked to write and one of the subjects that will come into question in this blog is the frequent moments of joy in everyday life, moments that fills me with gratitude for being alive.

An incessant source of reflection, which I also count on writing about, is what I learn about Nonviolent Communication (*)

In addition to this I will certainly write about much more that attracts my interest. Readings may sometimes be in both English and Swedish or in just one of the languages.


*Read about Nonviolent communication:


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