Appreciating life

At my entrance door, I have attached the following quotation by Terence Trent d’Arby:

And the first step is to start appreciating life. Fantastic things happens to people that appreciate life

The more I appreciate all the occurrences that previously could pass me by unnoticed, the more reasons I find to appreciate life and these are moments that fills me with gratitude.

Does the quotation also want to say that the very fact of appreciating life; in itself could generate even more fantastic things to appreciate? Imagine if appreciation of life and the gratitude at that can propagate and contribute to making this world a better place. That, in my point of view, would really be a fantastic consequence!

Here are some of the experiences I enjoy that fill me with gratitude to life:

  • The play of light of the evening sun among the leaves of trees
  • The warm tune of the Black bird in the evening
  • A piece of good dark chocolate and a well brewed cappuccino
  • Seeing the light of dusk reflected in my white bedroom door before sleeping
  • Looking at the vertiginous flight of the common swifts outside my window
  • Smiles of warmth
  • The singing of winds
  • The salty smell of see.
  • Music…
  • Warm sand as well as refreshing water surrounding my feet a sunny summer day while listening to the rippling of waves.
  • Glowing sun sets
The play of light of the evening sun among the leaves of trees


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